Legal Fees Explained

Our Legal Fees Explained

No business situation is the same, but we do our best to provide superior legal services at a fraction of the cost of the "big" law firms. I have dedicated my legal career to assisting businesses of all sizes get things done. It is in everyone's best interest that we do that quickly and at a reasonable legal fee.

We have two legal fee options for corporate counsel services:

1. Fixed hourly rate of $250.00/hour;

2. Fixed monthly fee. This fee does depend on the amount of work needed or required. The fees typically range between $1,000-$5,000/month, but we strongly encourage you to contact our office so we can tailor the monthly fee to meet your company's needs.

What are corporate counsel services? For the most part these legal services are anything that is not litigation* or trademark filings with USPTO or Florida Department of Corporations.

For example, corporate counsel services include valuable business advice and guidance when your company needs it. You will have my cell phone number and email to contact me directly and immediately. Corporate counsel services also include pre-lawsuit dispute advice and negotiation; contract review, drafting, and negotiation; and comprehensive legal research into business and trademark issues. I will also attend necessary corporate meetings, meet your business clients, participate in conference calls, and any other business matter where your company will benefit from having an attorney involved. 

*Litigation means lawsuits - whether in court, arbitration, regulatory body or anything where there is a dispute and process to resolve that dispute. If you have been sued or need to sue, then those services are separate and typically billed at a very reasonable $250.00/hour. Compare that to Tampa law firms charging $350-500/hour or more for the same level of service and expertise. Lawsuits may be unavoidable, but I have had tremendous success helping businesses avoid litgation.

In all cases where an issue may be outisde my expertise, I will help find you an attorney or other expert that can help and I will stay involved in the matter as part of the the corporate counsel services to help guide your company through the process. 

Please feel free to email our office any time to discuss your legal needs. We are open to trial periods to determine how much legal services your business will need. 

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